My Community Work and Volunteer Projects

Much of my volunteer work centers on Holyoke, Massachusetts, the community in which I live.
This page lists examples of some projects and links to relevant websites.

Sandy Ward

Holyoke organizations for which I have volunteered:

    photo of Sandy at Jan 22, 2009 HFFPC meeting
  • Holyoke Food and Fitness Policy Council. I have documented HFFPC events and meetings with my camera; see HFFPC albums.
  • Holyoke Public Library. I was elected to the HPLC Board of Directors in fall 2010, and had been active with the Friends of Library for years before that. I also served on the Steering Committee for the Library's Capital Campaign and a variety of other committees related to the Library Expansion/Remodel project (building "the Library for the next 100 years!"). See my photo albums at Holyoke Public Library.

Other volunteer roles:

Other organizations and causes I support:

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