My Links to Music, Dance, and other essential fun

This page provides handy links to some of my favorite music and dance resources as well as other sources of fun and recreation. -- Sandy Ward

Music photo of Sandy playing tupan, Aug 2003

photo of Sandy skiing in Holyoke

Other fun

  • Cross-country skiing. See photo taken Dec 30, 2012 at Community Field, Holyoke ->
  • Fun with Writing! Weekly group at the Holyoke Senior Center. I participated from 2006 through 2018.
  • Gardening, inspired by Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.
  • Rowing on the Connecticut River in an Alden Star single in 2006, which I borrowed as a member of Holyoke Rows. See my photos of activities at Holyoke Rows.
  • Scrabble! My sister and I love to play Scrabble whenever we are together, and LEXULOUS via email [] when we are apart. I now also play Scrabble on Fridays at the Holyoke Senior Center.
  • Zumba! at the Holyoke Senior Center, and at 413FamilyFitness

photo of Sandy with beets in garden photo of Sandy's feet in Alden Star boat

This page updated 3/6/2021.

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