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In October 2003 Ken gave me a digital camera. I was reluctant to break from my long-term habit of creating physical photo albums (always in chronological order), but I soon adapted to the flexibility and fun of digital photography. My albums are now thematic or topical, and posted on the web for ease of sharing with family and friends. -- Sandy Ward

Learning to use a digital camera (October-November 2003): Cats and Book Center garden

Finding a more efficient way to share groups of photos:

In July 2004 I tried a 7-day free trial of, uploaded many photos, and was delighted with the results. Since the annual cost of SmugMug was much LESS than the cost of developing film or buying color ink for my printer, I stopped printing photos and converted to online. Here are early examples:

More Photo galleries on

I enjoy documenting community events, recording local history, as well as photographing family and friends. As of 2009, I had over 20,000 digital photos on my computer! By November 2012 I had to buy an external hard drive on which to store my iPhoto Library of over 50,000 images. A SELECTION of these have been uploaded to SmugMug for sharing. Examples:

Ken's photo albums/slideshows of our vacations: